The Cold Months Update

Well, as you can imagine, we've been super busy with our cute little girls.  Jaeli has been going to Preschool and Dance, loving EVERY second of it.  Her little sisters are getting used to their world by exploring, hitting each other, pulling hair, stealing toys, eating table foods, walking, crawling and even starting physical therapy.  Here are a few updates of each princess:

3.5 years
VERY smart
EXTREMELY tender hearted
Carries on THE BEST conversations
Had a walking cast on for 3 weeks after jumping off Grandma Leishman's stairs
Helps a TON with her sisters
Loves reading stories before bed
Developing an attitude.....sometimes NOT so great :)
REALLY enjoys hanging out with cousins and friends

14 months
Really good eater
Has had 5 ear infections and will probably be getting tubes in her ears
Loves hugs from mom and dad
Enjoys playing with Jaeli
Babbles a ton
6 teeth...4 on top, 2 on bottom
WILL bite your fingers if you get them too close
Specialists: Cardiology for her PDA and ENT

14 months
Crawling and pulling herself up to the furniture (walking along too)
8 teeth...4 on top, 4 on bottom
LOVES to play with her sisters....pulls hair, hits and pinches a lot (Just her way to play)
The only one that HAS to have a pacifier
Rubs blankets and spit rags on her face when she's tired
Really good eater...sometimes has issues with textures
Babbles a lot
Specialists: Pulmonology

14 months
Army crawling, but is REALLY fast
Starting to pull herself to her knees on things
Has learned to LOVE to eat
6 teeth...4 on top, 2 on bottom
LOVES her thumb and to hold a blanket while sucking her thumb
Likes to be with her sisters but feels she HAS to defend herself
Starting to babble more and more
Specialists: ENT (Trachea Malatia), Physical Therapist

Also, Princess #5 will be joining us in July.  5 girls oh my! :)


10 Months and Thanksgiving

10 Months....this post is mostly for me.  I have to remember what is going on in the crazy lives of my crazy trio:

* 2 teeth on the bottom (November)
* Scooting forward
* Babbles like crazy (mama and dada)
* Trying to give up naps already (a lot like her older sister)
* To REALLY get her to sleep, you have to walk with her

* 1 tooth on the bottom (November)
* Scooting forward
* ADORES her toes and feet
* VERY flexible
* Has discovered babbling (dada mostly)
* She is REALLY loud and loves it
* Laughs all the time
* JUST started taking a paci again
* LOVES to be with her sisters

* 1 tooth on the bottom (November-she got hers first)
* Rolling over well now
* Likes to sleep on her tummy with her thumb in her mouth
* Babbles a lot
* Still doesn't like her space invaded--her sisters seem to gravitate towards her and she freaks out


Happy National PREMATURITY Day!

Almost 10 months ago, our trio of angels was born....12:59 am (Airalyn Roma), 1:00 am (Brecklin Barbara) and 1:01 am (Camli Karen).  It's amazing to think how far they've come.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives, along with the BEST big sister EVER!  Today was National Prematurity Day.....a pretty cool thing to celebrate, I THINK! :)  We want to thank EVERYBODY that was/is so helpful, thoughtful and kind.  WE LOVE OUR FAMILY AND ALL OF YOU!!!!



9 Month Stats

Brecklin, Airalyn and Camli on Halloween, 2012
All of the girls have been given the ok to eat solids morning, noon and night...with bottles to supplement.  Airalyn can even have a sippy with water for hydration if needed. :)  They are growing soooo fast!  TOO FAST!  We love our TRIO! :)

Weight: 17 lbs. 10 oz. (7%)
Length: 25.98 in. (25%)
Head: 43 cm. (22 %)
Airalyn Loves:
* FOOD-which is apparent
* Holding her own bottle
* Rolling
* Being held
* Playing with toys
* Mommy and Daddy
FOLLOW-UP for her heart is soon!

Weight: 14 lbs. 8.5 oz. (1%)
Length: 24 in. (1%)
Head: 42.5 (11%)
Brecklin Loves:
* Laughing
* Growling
* Rolling
* Being by her sisters
* Touching faces
* Sucking on her fingers (finally found her thumb, but when really tired, it's still her thumb joint)
* Playing with toys
* Mommy (very attached)
FOLLOW -UP for her lungs is on Nov. 13

Weight: 14 lbs. 8 oz. (1%)
Length: 25 in. (1%)
Head: 45 cm. (77%)--THIS HAS TO BE WRONG
Camli Loves:
* Her big sissy Jaeli
* Making new sounds with her mouth
* Talking with mommy
* Holding blankets
* Starting to hold more toys
FOLLOW-UP for hearing is soon!
REFERRED TO AN ENT and diagnosed with obstructive apnea.  She may have surgery to get her adnoids out.


New Kitchen, Plastic Caves and Cute Girls!

Yes, yes we are redoing our kitchen.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Needing to get it done?  YES!  We may go crazy in the process though.  Wish us luck.  Here are some before and in the process of pics......

Dan starting to tear tile out

Refinishing the cabinets

Got the dishwahser to fit where it needed to fit....FINALLY! :)

Jaeli posing with dad

Coolest plastic cave EVER!!!!

I needed to vacuum, so the girls were set on the couch.  Brecklin is trying to steal Airalyn's book

Almost there......

She is one happy Brecky Bug!  Camli is now trying to decide how to get it back to Airalyn

Beautiful babies

Brecklin's new way of eating.....gotta grab the toes

Airalyn just got done eating...and yes, she DOES love her Daddy

Beautiful eyes Cam Cam


Hangin' Out on a Saturday Night

Mommy making the girlies laugh....well Airalyn was asleep, but Camli and Brecklin had a good time.


Picture Dump: Odds and Ends

My babies are growing up soooo fast!  Here is our stockpile so far....they are trying to eat cereal........

First time eating cereal

Airalyn so hungry she thought she'd try her straps

Brecky ready to go

Camli already trying to squirm away from the cereal.......

And hiding from it

My angel baby sooo happy

Even with a spoon in her mouth

Then the cereal hit

Airalyn happy about food

Precious face Brecky Bug

Camli screams whenever I get a spoon near her mouth

Airalyn done

Wow, could my mouth be open wider?
 ZOO day for Daddy's work pary....soooooooooooooo fun!  Jaeli had a blast!
Hangin' out with Airalyn...yes she is under that flower

Beautiful girl




Jaeli getting her face painted

She loved it

Airalyn TRYING to sleep

Brecky out...it's hard work being pushed around the zoo all evening

Daddy and Jaeli by the giraffes 
 Another things we've been up to...............
Jaeli practicing her handwriting and shapes

A little wrestling

We got Jaeli's Halloween costume...a rainbow bug.  She was so excited she hung it up in the hall way already along with her shoes on my key hooks. :)  Love THIS girl!

Hangin' out with sissys

All in Airalyn's crib for a bit


I found Camli alseep like this....look how long she is
 September 28th, Dan's sister got married in the Brigham City Temple and the 29th we had the luncheon and reception.  Here we are celebrating............
And sleeping. :)  Arialyn and Camli


Beautiful Bride Suzi

Suzi, Katie and Karen........checkin' the time

My VERY attractive techy husband setting up the slideshow

Katie, Suzi and Grandma Zundel

Grandma, Grandpa and the grandkids

Her colors were cream, brown and yellow....look at my beautiful Jaeli

The babies with their cousins...Madi has Brecklin, Rachel has Camli and Abi has Airalyn

The bride with the girls

Soooo cute!

Daddy with his girls

Our family

They had dancing, and Jaeli danced with EVERYONE!  Cousin James and Jaeli

Daddy and Jaeli

Jaeli and Trevor

The candy buffet :)

Uncel Joe with Camli

Chunky face Camli

Camli and I hanging out 

Tammy and I with Camli and Brecklin
 More hanging out and Owl hats from our good friend Shaelyn...............

HAHA...silly Jaeli

My four beauties...(L-R): Airalyn, Brecklin and Camli

I love this one....looks like Jaeli and Airalyn are having a conversation.

Airalyn in pink

Brecky in blue

Camli in purple


Brecky talking with Daddy

She even had owl jammies to match
 The girls' first bath in the Bumbo chairs..............

Camli and Brecklin

Then Jaeli had to have a bath in one 

 Just some fun pictures........................the babies are almost 9 months!!!!!
Daddy helped Jaeli make homemade strawberry ice cream

Brecklin in a Halloween outfit


Camli....getting better at grasping toys

Mmmmm food time :)