The Cold Months Update

Well, as you can imagine, we've been super busy with our cute little girls.  Jaeli has been going to Preschool and Dance, loving EVERY second of it.  Her little sisters are getting used to their world by exploring, hitting each other, pulling hair, stealing toys, eating table foods, walking, crawling and even starting physical therapy.  Here are a few updates of each princess:

3.5 years
VERY smart
EXTREMELY tender hearted
Carries on THE BEST conversations
Had a walking cast on for 3 weeks after jumping off Grandma Leishman's stairs
Helps a TON with her sisters
Loves reading stories before bed
Developing an attitude.....sometimes NOT so great :)
REALLY enjoys hanging out with cousins and friends

14 months
Really good eater
Has had 5 ear infections and will probably be getting tubes in her ears
Loves hugs from mom and dad
Enjoys playing with Jaeli
Babbles a ton
6 teeth...4 on top, 2 on bottom
WILL bite your fingers if you get them too close
Specialists: Cardiology for her PDA and ENT

14 months
Crawling and pulling herself up to the furniture (walking along too)
8 teeth...4 on top, 4 on bottom
LOVES to play with her sisters....pulls hair, hits and pinches a lot (Just her way to play)
The only one that HAS to have a pacifier
Rubs blankets and spit rags on her face when she's tired
Really good eater...sometimes has issues with textures
Babbles a lot
Specialists: Pulmonology

14 months
Army crawling, but is REALLY fast
Starting to pull herself to her knees on things
Has learned to LOVE to eat
6 teeth...4 on top, 2 on bottom
LOVES her thumb and to hold a blanket while sucking her thumb
Likes to be with her sisters but feels she HAS to defend herself
Starting to babble more and more
Specialists: ENT (Trachea Malatia), Physical Therapist

Also, Princess #5 will be joining us in July.  5 girls oh my! :)

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jami said...

what?! really? another baby and another girl!! woot-woo and happy, happy baby to you!!! how fun and exciting!! you are a true leishman- totally specializing in girls!!
they are ALL beautiful! and i'm loving the hats in the top picture. did you make them??
ok ... so very excited for you, and so happy to see all four girlies growing and doing so well. (and don't worry. we have girl attitude too. jaeli is not alone in that one! :) )